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Neck Injuries

Neck pain is on the rise. In recent years we have noticed a sharp increase in the number of people presenting with neck problems – one in three of the patients we treat experiences trouble in this area. Causes range from degenerative disc disease, whiplash injuries and prolapsed discs to mechanical neck pain and stress.

Home Working

Modern day living has not helped either. The current home working trend means many people are sitting at the kitchen table, by the breakfast bar or in a makeshift office which has not been ergonomically designed. Cradling a telephone under an ear puts pressure on the upper trapezius muscle which raises the shoulder towards the neck, while sitting awkwardly at a desk with a twisted pelvis or slouching can also trigger neck pain. Being hunched over a laptop can result in ‘computer hump’.

Prolonged working in this way contributes to a shortening of the muscles and instructs the body to recalibrate itself with new-found but hazardous postures. The muscles in trunk and pelvis eventually weaken and break down, which can then lead to neck problems

Neck problem – other signs:

Symptoms can vary from mild pain to severe pain and disability

  • A tightness in the back
  • A tightness in the front of the shoulders
  • Blurred vision
  • Pain in the arm and hands
  • Headaches
  • Migraines

Treatment: Our osteopaths can provide initial treatment in the form of manipulation and massage. Our goal is to help the patient achieve a pain free state. Our clinical pilates team can also help patients build muscle groups, increase flexibility, improve posture and advise on body awareness as a preventative measure. Many businesses liaise with osteopaths as part of their staff occupational health care programmes. They realise that regular treatment not only improves the health of staff, but heightens morale and results in increased productivity and less absenteeism through ill health.

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