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OCPM founder Paul Morrissey has an historic relationship with the professional golfing community within Europe and the USA. In 1993, he was invited to accompany a party of ten European tour players on a retreat in the United States. Recognised for his extensive skills and expertise in clinical pilates, Paul then worked for the renowned elite sports academy LGE. He has since spent the past 20 years treating some of the best golfers in the world, including the sport’s world-renowned coach David Leadbetter, and regularly returns to the United States to hold seminars and lend his expertise at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy headquarters in Florida. On home turf, Paul combines his international experience with his background in clinical pilates to run the tailor-made OC Golf Clinic of Excellence at both his Addiscombe and Warlingham practices.

OPCM is a NG360 accredited establishment

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The vision

Increasing numbers of people are playing golf from juniors through to seniors, men and women and I wanted to create a facility that catered for everyone regardless of standard. Golfers are no longer the guys with big waists, Tiger Woods has clearly done a lot for the sport but the game has changed over the years. It has become more powerful and that brings with it a new dimension including stress on our bodies, which can increase risk of injury. At the top of the sport, most professionals have a team around them comprised of physiologists, strength/conditioning coaches, and biomechanics experts who all contribute to improving the golfer’s performance. Lee Westwood and Rory Mcllroy employ strength trainers, while the likes of Martin Kaymer and Jev Milka Singh find passive exercise like yoga facilitates their game. Whatever your level, we can offer help, expertise and advice that will point you on the right course. Paul Morrissey

Pain Free Golf Videos


Under my guidance, my team has developed programmes for golfers of all levels.
We offer:

  • Full Screening to assess your mobility and flexibility
  • Movement Analysis – to identify impairments
  • Goal setting
  • Standard orthopaedic examination and clear diagnosis to identify joint and muscular problems
  • A corrective programme – including osteopathy and a specialist golf physiotherapist.
  • Introduction into our Clinical Pilates Studio – where we address motor control and home exercises and pre and post golf.

The Clinic has the most advanced medical equipment available including:

  • Real Time Ultrasound
  • Laser Therapy
  • Ultra sound
  • Interferential
  • Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy [ ESWT ]
  • MRI and CT scans are provided at our local private hospital if necessary for quick and detailed diagnosis

We also have very strong relationships with local and top London Consultants at the cutting edge of their profession.

Pilates: The Benefits

Golfers can improve their game in a short space of time and reduce long standing joint and muscular pain. Stability and mobility is essential for healthy functioning and to reduce the likelihood of injury. Our mind/body approach follows the initial thoughts of Joseph Pilates but we incorporate the most up to date information on science and evidence based exercise, into our programmes which:

  • strengthen your core
  • increase your strength flexibility and improve your breathing patterns
  • pay special attention to your spine, hips and shoulder mobility
  • encourage a positive movement experience for you to take to the golf course

Classes also concentrate on the sometimes complex motion of the golf swing and focus on building strength, flexibility, balance and power. We’re often told that we’ve helped patients improve their club head speed, accuracy and helped them hit the ball further and straighter! You may even reduce your handicap so why not join us for one-on-one sessions or group classes.

Golfing injuries

Golf can place enormous strain on the upper extremities of the body due to the powerful extension and rotation involved in the swinging action, which can leave players prone to injury no matter how good their technique. Our patients commonly present with back injuries, closely followed by shoulder and elbow damage.

Common problems include:

  • Back pain: mechanical, disc prolapses, stress fractures and soft tissue traumas
  • Shoulder: impingements, rotator cuff tears, labral tears , tendinopathies , bursitis pectoral/ lateral tears
  • Elbow: classic tennis/golfers elbow
  • Hand: compression injuries varying from fractures to tendon and ligament injuries. (We have a hand specialist)
  • Hip: deep ligament tears within the hip, greater trocanteric pain syndrome GTPS (more frequent in ladies), adductor, hip flexor , quadriceps tears, hamstring tears, generic soft tissue tears and strains
  • Knee: Meniscal tears and arthritic conditions, muscular imbalances that cause tendon problems and ligamentous strains
  • Foot/ankle : shin splints, high sprains, inversions, mechanical dysfunctions , plantar faciitis and achilles problems.

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