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Tips for a pain free Christmas

The Christmas holiday period should be a time for enjoying ourselves with friends and family, overindulging and celebrating. However for some, the dramatic change in our daily routine, going from rushing to get decorations up and presents bought and wrapped to, for most, a week spent being overly sedentary can be the cause of back and neck pain.

Whilst we can’t help decide the winner of charades or take the calories out of your trifle, here are a few tips to keep you happy, healthy and pain free over the Christmas period.



  • Being that little bit more organised will help. Plan your shopping trip and if time allows take several trips to get everything you need. This will prevent you from spending hours on your feet carrying heavy bags. If circumstances allow park as close to the shops as you possibly can, ask for help from family members and if not possible there is always the shop assistant!
  • If you are having a marathon shopping day try to take regular breaks, sit down, stretch and alternate carrying arms to spread the load and distribute the weight evenly. Or fit in a trip back to the car to get rid of some bags.



  • We’ve all experienced this at some point be it birthdays or special occasions, however Christmas generally requires more wrapping time.
  • Therefore, if possible avoid wrapping presents on the floor. It permits bad posture and leaves us flexed forward for long periods of time subjecting the spine to loads it is not used too. Sitting or standing at a table reduces the need to subject ourselves to bad positions.
  • Use a table to write your Christmas cards and tags! You wouldn’t carry out such tasks at work on the floor, but for some reason we have all done it!
  • As is commonly advised in this day and age, take regular breaks get up walk around and have a stretch every 20-30 minutes.



  • When it comes to putting up the Christmas tree, get some help.
  • When carrying a real tree get some help as they can be quite heavy and awkward! Be careful on the ladder when heading into the loft to find your faux tree, especially on the way down.
  • When decorating be sensible and use a step where necessary. Don’t overstretch or move in awkward ways that your body isn’t used to – just to get that angel on the tree!!!

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