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Paul examines me; he knows exactly what’s wrong and fixes the problem. Paul knows the body so well it gives me peace of mind, his treatment quality is 100% and having a background in dance is the perfect combination. Paul has definitely extended the longevity of my dance career.
— Ms Angela Towler, Principal Dancer Ballet Rambert
Paul Morrissey has treated me for over 20 years; initially for sports related injuries and more recently as part of my self maintenance regime.
Over the years, Paul has attained an enviable level of osteopathic skill and acuity so he quickly identifies an issue and treats it immediately (or recommends a course of action). His knowledge of pilates means Paul can effortlessly recommend appropriate remedial exercises, and these have helped me to remain active in the past.
— Stephen Palmer, Real Estate Investment Professional and occasional triathlete
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I’m very impressed by Pauls knowledge of anatomy & the golf swing.
— David Leadbetter
I have been a patient with Paul Morrissey for almost twenty years now. I would never think of going to anyone else. Paul has always been friendly and professional.He offers extremely informed advice about any injury, for which I am being treated, or how to avoid getting any injuries for the future. Both he and his team at the Clinic offer a very welcoming service, which immediately inspires confidence and trust. I would recommend the Osteopathic Clinic of Paul Morrissey to anyone and everyone.
— Mr Peter Smith