Exercise of the Month

October: Spine movement integration

This movement is good for spinal mobility.

Start off in a curved position lying over a Swiss ball. Lift the breast bone up towards the ceiling slowly extending your thoracic spine. Hold at the top before rolling the spine forward and back down again over the ball.

Repeat 5 times.

Ensure that you’re engaging your deep core stabilising muscles throughout. Take caution if you have any neck issues.


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The Osteopathic Clinic - Croydon


Welcome to The Osteopathic Clinic - Croydon, a prestigious and widely respected multi-disciplinary practice set in the South East of England. Our modern and comfortably furnished clinic, conveniently located in Croydon, afford clients the chance to relax whilst being treated.



Based in Addiscombe, our flagship clinic is often described as a sanctuary by our patients, with many arriving early to relax on our comfortable leather sofas or flick through the latest magazines before being escorted to their private treatment room. Our state-of-the-art glass-house pilates studio is bathed in natural light and surrounded by a pretty manicured landscaped garden, making it a wonderfully relaxing space in which to strengthen, tone and rehabilitate the body.
Situated in a quiet, tree-lined street, the clinic is easily accessible by public transport and there is also free on-street parking. Have a look at the principle taking you on a clinic tour.

Warlingham Green

Please be advised, due to changes at the GP practice, our Warlingham Green services have moved to our Cheyne Walk practice as of 1st June 2019.

Paul Morrissey
We are proud to offer you the very best clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment in an open and honest way.
— Paul Morrissey - Practice Principal

Welcome to the Osteopathic Clinic - Croydon, a prestigious and widely respected multi-disciplinary practice set in the South East. Our company was founded in by Paul Morrissey, an internationally renowned osteopath who, due to his specialist sports medicine experience, has treated numerous international golfers, footballers and dancers.

Our services include osteopathy, physiotherapy, clinical pilates, Shockwave Therapy, post op rehabilitation and an academy that treats golf, sports and dance injuries. All our osteopaths are fully qualified members of the General Osteopathic Council, and we pride ourselves on the fact that our reputation has been built by word of mouth and attract the finest practitioners with many years of experience.

Our trustworthy team of professionals is dedicated to providing the highest standards of one-to-one care, using evidence-based techniques. Offering a first class, competitively priced, holistic service that makes a difference to the lives of clients regardless of their age or background has always been our vision. Our practitioners provide support every step of the way, from consultation and treatment through to aftercare and advice, in order to promote optimum health and wellbeing.

Our clinics are located in the leafy suburbs of Croydon and Warlingham and feature the latest state-of-the-art equipment. The comfortably furnished surroundings also afford clients the chance to relax whilst being treated. Both our practices are easily accessible and free parking is available.

Given our strong relationship with the local private medical community we can swiftly refer patients for private x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI scans or CT Scans should further investigation be required.

Our practitioners use the latest evidence-based research techniques to ensure our clients receive the highest standards of care.

Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Our Community

We pride ourselves on providing the best care, treatment, and facilities, so you have the best environment for a full recovery and a program to support an active lifestyle.

Our community of patients, partners and our team bring an additional element to make everyone's experience better.

angela towler.jpeg
Paul examines me; he knows exactly what’s wrong and fixes the problem. Paul knows the body so well it gives me peace of mind, his treatment quality is 100% and having a background in dance is the perfect combination. Paul has definitely extended the longevity of my dance career.
— Ms Angela Towler, Principal Dancer Ballet Rambert
Paul Morrissey has treated me for over 20 years; initially for sports related injuries and more recently as part of my self maintenance regime.
Over the years, Paul has attained an enviable level of osteopathic skill and acuity so he quickly identifies an issue and treats it immediately (or recommends a course of action). His knowledge of pilates means Paul can effortlessly recommend appropriate remedial exercises, and these have helped me to remain active in the past.
— Stephen Palmer, Real Estate Investment Professional and occasional triathlete
david leadbetter.jpeg
I’m very impressed by Pauls knowledge of anatomy & the golf swing.
— David Leadbetter
I have been a patient with Paul Morrissey for almost twenty years now. I would never think of going to anyone else. Paul has always been friendly and professional.He offers extremely informed advice about any injury, for which I am being treated, or how to avoid getting any injuries for the future. Both he and his team at the Clinic offer a very welcoming service, which immediately inspires confidence and trust. I would recommend the Osteopathic Clinic of Paul Morrissey to anyone and everyone.
— Mr Peter Smith