My back feels better than it has in years.

Jane Carney

I'm very impressed by Pauls knowledge of anatomy & the golf swing.

David Leadbetter


Thanks to Paul my career has lasted as long as it has.

Angela Towler

Hi Paul, it's Tony, Cathy's son. It's 4 years and 8 months since the specialist unit at Epsom performed a full hip replacement operation (January 2010), an outcome that was set in motion by a visit to you and following the discovery that her hip was actually broken in a fall a year earlier and the fracture missed..... She has had a mostly pain free and mobile life since then.

This followed another occasion many years ago now, when you were still at the golf club, when she was in pain and restricted mobility, you rectified her in a single visit when her GP was telling her 'you've got osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, you'll just have to grin and bear it.'

At 91, she has heart problems which would only be rectified with an operation she has refused, though she agreed to have a balloon valvuloplasty recently which may see her have a further 6-12 months of symptom free life.

In those days I genuinely used to think of you as something of a real life wizard. In any event, there can be few people who have so mastered their profession as to give such relief to people and their families where it is at all possible and to thereby lessen the attendant other suffering which goes with it. You have had a special and significant place in my family's medical history,even if in distancing years now and are always remembered.

With thanks and regards, Tony

You have had a special and significant place in my family's medical history

Tony Murphy