Sports massage

Holistic approach

Massage at the OC Clinic in Croydon is an integral service offered to all patients, and our holistic approach means close communication between our teams of Osteopaths, Pilates instructors and massage practitioners.

This view of your recovery as a total body discipline means patients often have far more successful outcomes by combining treatments with massage, particularly where attention to soft tissues supports the work of the other teams.

It is common for our Osteopath's to refer patients to one of our resident massage practitioners for example, you may be responding very well to Osteopathic care however there may still be an area of tightness in your hamstrings or shoulders. The massage practioner will take direction from the Osteopath and work to resolve the tightness to aid your overall recovery.

This team approach to caring for you as a patient is one of the keys to our success, and quite different to a smaller, single discipline practice. The 'care loop' continues to look out for you, and if the massage practitioner identifies a potential further issue or concerns they are able to talk to the Osteopath for further advice or referral to comprehensively address your recovery.


independent Massage

Massage can be a great stand alone treatment and focused soft tissue work is key to many people's recovery and ongoing wellness regime.

Our Sports Massage practitioners take direct bookings for patients with muscular pain or stress induced tension.

We regularly help patients with sports injuries, mobility issues and more recently, people with neck related problems stemming from what's often referred to as 'text neck', or pressures from the work place environment.

Having regular massage can relieve these symptoms and help encourage better posture. If necessary, we may suggest working with our Pilates instructors if massage alone was not helping. This is a very effective way to improve posture and core strength. We can even show you exercises you can do almost anywhere to help manage your symptoms further.

We offer a range of massage types available from Remedial, Sports, Swedish, Myo fascial release, and we're able to asses and provide the right treatment for your individual symptoms. 


The benefits of massage

Did you know also that massage can help with the following:

  • People who have regular Swedish massage have been helped with changes in their immune responses, particularly with the white blood cell response that fight infection

  • Constipation, according to recent research

  • It's well known that massage provides drug free help with lower back pain

  • Better sleep

  • Muscle soreness post exercises

  • It can help to stabalise your mood. People think it's their imagination, but you really do feel better following a massage according to studies from Taiwan

  • Researchers from Emory University discovered patient with GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) found massage helpful in managing their condition

  • You don’t just feel chilled out after a massage, you are

  • You can have a massage even if there’s nothing wrong with you. It may be keeping an old injury at bay, but it's also ok to simply want a massage!

  • There are some very specialised massage techniques that Osteopaths employ e.g Osteopathic Visceral Treatment that can work really well

In addition, there is some research to suggest psychological stresses may potentially influence GI homeostasis by affecting the gut-brain axis, consequently becoming the precursor of functional GI diseases, such as IBS. Regular massage therapy may help reduce this by reducing stress.


If you've over done it whilst out running or in a class at the gym, or you're feeling exhausted and having difficulty focusing or sleeping, our massage team can help you, appointments are usually better for a hour however we offer 30 minute taster appointments.

Simply call the clinic to book an appointment.