How to Avoid Back Pain whilst using a Mobile phone

The average person spends nearly three hours a day using a mobile phone device thats nearly 84 hours a month!

The amount of time spend on a mobile, laptop or iPad all have a negative impact on our posture and the way we hold our head.

These devices are great tools and most of us spend hours per day using at least one (if not all) of them either for work or leisure purposes.

However, we should be careful of our posture while using them as a repetitive poor prolonged posture can be detrimental to our neck and back.

These unnatural positions (head bentdown and/or head forward) increase the weight of your head and can multiply it up to 6 times.

As the adult head weight in average is about 5kg, the weight inflicted on your neck can go up to almost 30kg!

The more your head is bent forward, the more load you put on your neck.

Your back will also have the tendency to stoop to compensate, which may cause persistent low back pain.

I recommend you do the following:

  • Adopt a good posture while using the device (standing or sitting): align ears, shoulders and hips.

  • Place the device at eye level (If necessary, use a support).

  • Take breaks every 20 to 30 minutes to move the shoulders and neck, stretch...

  • Reduce the time your spent in front of a screen, possibly set a timer so you have a limit of 20 minutes.

  • And why not use the dictation function for texting or voice command to search.

  • A text and a notification can be distracting when you’re working but very tempting to read! Why not turn off the notifications on your WhatsApp, Facebook or any social media you have. That way you’re only checking them when you have the time, this should ultimately reduce your time on your phone.

By Sabrina Peyandane, Osteopath and Cranial Osteopath.