7 habits that could be causing you pain


When was the last time you took a call with your phone propped between your ear and shoulder while you were doing the washing up? Or the last time you were slouched over your Ipad or Iphone responding to emails? If the answer is today, yesterday or even last week then it’s time to act now.

Everyday habits can cause twinges and aches which, if left, can build up into something more serious. Of course, our team of osteopaths are here to help you get out of any pickle find yourself in - if your bad knee, back or neck is troubling you as you read this please do book an appointment- but we believe in the old adage that prevention is better than cure. 


Below are 7 habits to avoid and why

Sleeping on your front
This is a no-go because it puts strain on the back of your neck. Ideally, sleep on your back or side with your legs flexed at the kneebetween 30 and 45 degrees. If you must sleep on your front put a pillow under your hips or chest to alleviate the pressure.


Reading in bed propped on one elbow
We advise against reading in bed. If you must, avoid being propped on one elbow or lying completely flat on your bed which automatically throws your body out of line. Try sitting in an upright neutral position with pillows placed either side of you. 


Sneezing with straight legs
Coughing or sneezing can increase pressure in the spinal canal causing sharp pain and pressure in the discs. Always bend your knees if you feel a cough/sneeze coming on to absorb the force. 


Choosing a soft office chair
Soft chairs might be comfortable but they’re not good for your posture – they obliterate natural curves which are essential for strength and support. Try and sit in a neutral spine position and avoid twisting and reaching for things.  This is a sure fire way to put something out.  Avoid overstretching by getting up and moving around, which is especially important if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. 


Lifting objects with straight legs
Never lift objects with locked legs as this places enormous strain on the lower back and can cause disc issues. Learn how to lift properly. Bend both knees, keep the back straight and try not to twist. Check out this video here for more information:  https://www.facebook.com/muscleandmotion/?hc_ref=ART8TrfY9i0c_PIiX829TVpSUhwGY2GT7VW_HYPcNG4B5e3zeoOPlZH7C_AYCTOqsuE&fref=nf


Spending hours hunched over a laptop or phone
The brain weighs and average of 3lbs. If the head is tilted five degrees forward that places 150% more pressure on the discs of the lumbar spine. Avoid poor posture and rounded shoulders by limiting screen time – a 30 minute break is recommended to recalibrate. 

Sleeping on a soft mattress
if you wake up in the morning with stiffness there’s a chance your mattress may be too soft. The life of most mattresses lasts between eight and ten years. 


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