What are the Benefits of doing Pilates?

Pilates not only benefits you physically, but it's also known to support you mentally too. As a practising Osteopath and an ex-clinical Pilates Educator teaching medical professionals in the UK and abroad.  The reason I have Pilates in my practice is that I believe if you have chronic back pain or any conditions that are causing discomfort and pain it's important to build flexibility and also strength to support these weakened areas. You can walk out of an Osteopathy clinic feeling ‘fixed’ but to maintain this and remain pain-free you need to be doing a little work yourself to support your body and to help avoid further injuries and pain. 

 Recently there was a study testing the effectiveness of Pilates exercise program on a number of people with chronic musculoskeletal, osteoarthritis and lower back pain. 

 The study tested 22 patients over 12 weeks and some over 12 months. The average age of the participants were 57 years old. 


The results revealed the Pilates was indeed supporting people on many levels and there were many physical and mental benefits associated with practising Pilates on a regular basis. The main benefits associated with this study were: 


People in the test noticed physical improvements including more flexibility, balance, and stronger core muscles that allows you to support your back. They also noted reduced stiffness and being able to manage their pain better. The participants claimed it built strength and were performing better at work and in their hobbies. 


Participants noted an improvement in their mood and increased confidence. It also helped them to relax and relieved stress and tension and had an overall feeling of wellbeing after the sessions. 

 All participants agreed that continuing to do Pilates would benefit them physically and mentally and help reduce pain. 

 At the clinic I work very closely with the Pilates instructors and we offer an integrated approach so they get the very best clinical outcome. The clinic offers various Reformer and clinical Pilates sessions to suit all ages and conditions.

 To book a clinical pilates session contact the clinic on 0208 6621155 or email contact@osteopathclinic.co.uk

By Paul Morrissey

 Source: Medical News Bulletin.  

Image by Artur.