It’s backcare week with the theme being golf this year. I see a lot of golfers in the Pilates studio with all of them admitting at some point to never warming up before a round of golf. The majority of golfing patients present with lower back pain symptoms, thoracic tightness and hamstring tightness. 

Dynamic stretches for golfers

So here are a few dynamic exercises to ensure you are warmed up and mobile before hitting the course. Each exercise targets key golf muscles and joints. Hold each one for 2-5 deep breaths or to a count of 10.

 Standing Pelvic Tilts:

Stand tall with feet hip width apart and tilt pelvic back and forth. Imagine tipping water out the front of a bucket and then out the back.This will mobilise the lower back.

Standing pelvic Tilts .jpg
Standing pelvic tilts 2 for golf .jpg

Trunk Rotations with Club:

Stand in a putting position and rotate the body from left to right, feeling a stretch around the spine and into the Oblique waist muscles.

Trunk rotation Club golf.jpg

Standing Glute Stretch

Trunk rotation club 2 .jpg
Standing glute stretch .jpg
Standing glute stretch 2 .jpg

Place one foot on the opposite knee and squat back as if sitting down on a chair. Feel the stretch though the hip and into the buttock.

 Shoulder Stretch with Club:

Hold club behind neck and pull outwards on it.

Hold club behind neck and pull outwards on it.

Upper Back stretch with Club

Reach forwards with a club, pushing it away from your body

Reach forwards with a club, pushing it away from your body

Neck Stretch

neck stretch .jpg
neck stretch 2.jpg

Drop one ear to shoulder and apply a gentle over pressure.

So before your next round of golf try these simple warm up exercises and see if you can hit that ball a few extra yards by being more mobile!

Written by Rhea Malkin BSc (Hons) Sports Therapist and STOTT/APPI Pilates Instructor. Rhea runs clinical Reformer Pilates sessions at the Osteopathic Clinic in Croydon.

Rhea specialises in

Sports injuries 

Triathlon Functional Rehab – Pilates

Lower limb strength, running, cycling. 

Sports massage