Nutritious Pancake Day Recipe

If you are currently trying to cut carbs or on a strict diet, you might be looking for healthier alternatives this Pancake day.

Dr Zeeba, our resident Nutritionist, gives some nutritional advice allowing you to have your pancake still and eat it!

  • Use wholewheat flour instead of white flour to boost your fibre intake.

  • Use skimmed milk instead of full fat or semi-skimmed milk, the consistency of the pancake will still be the same, and you won't notice the difference in the flavour.

  • Add coconut oil when cooking instead of butter, as it contains half the fat.

  • Add fruit and nuts for the fillings, blueberries (for cancer flighting anthocyanin, raspberries for vitamin C and fibre, lemon for vitamin C and chopped nuts, i.e. walnuts for healthy fats.)

  • Go easy on the toppings instead of chocolate that has very little nutritional value opt for a small spoonful of maple syrup that is packed with vitamins and minerals, some include, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6, but remember its still high in sugar so not too much, or try honey which has natural antibacterial qualities.

  • Try not to mix the pancake too much as it will go a rubbery texture and try to let it settle for 15 mins before cooking to break down the flour.

Dr Zeeba currently works at the Osteopathic clinic every week and offers allergy and intolerance test.