How to Look after your Back on Holiday or Camping

Holiday season is here and many of you will be taking some much needed time off. We get a lot of our patients asking advice on how to look after their back whilst on holiday so we thought we’s share our Osteopaths TOP tips:

  1. No 1 tip, Bring your own pillow, it actually works, your body is so used to sleeping with your own pillow so why not take it with you and pop it in your suitcase or take it camping with you. (Paul Morrisey)

  2. Bring a towel in your hand luggage, it can be rolled up and used as a lower back or neck support and it doesn’t take too much space. (Lydia)

  3. Keep moving - on a plane or at the airport try to get up and move gently every half an hour and try to get an isle seat so you don't have to disturb the other passengers. (Mark)

  4. Lift your suitcases or camping gear with care – always bend at the knees when lifting and remember to engage your core muscles. If you suffer problems with your disc, politely ask someone to help you. (Paul)

  5. See your GP or pharmacist before you travel and make sure you have enough pain killers or anti-inflammatory tablets, you don't have to use them but its better to have them and not need them rather than searching for a pharmacy in a foreign country.

  6. If you want to try a natural anti-inflammatory try taking some ginger tea with you, as ginger is natural anti-inflammatory, also its can stop nausea, which might help if you are taking any boat trips! (By Nutritionist Zeeba)

  7. Laying on a sunbed or the sand can often lead to lower back pain from over curving and over extending the spine whilst reading your book. Use a rolled up towel and place it under your knees when lying on your back and between your knees when lying on your side. (Sabrina)

  8. You cannot change the bed in the hotel I’m afraid but if you have a hard bed put and extra duvet under the sheet so its more softer. If you need more height, ask reception to give you and extra pillow or put a towel underneath.

  9. Whilst its important to relax on holiday its also very important to move around, our spine in nourished by movement, so if you are having some aches and pains, go for a nice stroll on the beach or do some stretching.

  10. Swimming is good for the back, if I were to recommend a stroke I would recommend back crawl, its great for the back and loosens all the muscles. Try to avoid breast stroke as it doesn’t support your back. (Lydia)

  11. Wear sensible footwear that is going to support your spine, or if you need to wear high heels go for wedges that don't over extend your spine as much. (Rhea)

If you are due to go on holiday and having some niggling aches and pains why pop into our clinic for a quick check up.