Why Omega 3 is So Important during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are eating for 2!

Healthy eating during pregnancy and breastfeeding includes getting the right omega-3 fats. There are different forms of omegs-3s; that are crucial. The main one is Docosahexaenoic (DHA), an omega-3 found in oily fish like mackerel and salmon, seafood, nuts, plant oils and the right supplements.

DHA is an essential nutrient during pregnancy and breastfeeding as we don’t produce it ourselves, so we must get it from food or supplements.  It is crucial during pregnancy for proper growth and development of the baby’s brain, eyes, central nervous, and immune system.  Research shows there are critical times when DHA is needed during pregnancy and if the mum does not get enough DHA during these times, the effects can be long-lasting.

  • Problems associated with getting too little DHA are: 

  • Decreased verbal IQ

  • Inferior communication skills

  • Suboptimal behaviour

  • Compromised fine motor skills

  • Social development in primary school-age children 

  • Mums who don’t get enough DHA are more likely to experience postpartum depression

How to get enough DHA 

Eat 2 portions of fish 150gm per week, of oily fish.

Choose quality fish oil products.  If you are pregnancy or breastfeeding and you don’t eat fish, or you don’t eat enough fish, you can choose to take fish supplements.

Please contact Nutritionist, Dr Zeeba Shariff at Osteopathic Clinic for more details and to get advice  on quality fish oil products that are certified and sustainable.